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Sabueso Espagnol

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18 to 22 inches


45 to 55 pounds


Can be somewhat temperamental.
It is not an easy dog to train to house-living.
Very energetic, with a forceful sense of purpose.
Loyal to its owner.


A scent-hunting dog much like a Foxhound. The Sabueso is thought to be of French origin but is now essentially a Spanish breed. Breed classes are divided by size with the smaller, under 20-1/2 inches more commonly seen. A forceful hunter, the Sabueso can be used in a pack or individually as a line or tracking hound and is sometimes used to find missing persons by the police. Rarely seen outside its native land.

Body Type

Hound with a Foxhound in appearance.
The long tail is carried low and is not altered.
The hanging ears are very long and folded. They are not altered.


Short and smooth.
The color may be any shade of red with white markings.
Black markings are not common but allowed.
Minimal grooming required.

Health and Wellness

May have ear problems.
Hip dysplasia.

What You Should Know

Does not make a very good house pet.
Needs room to run.
Obedience training is highly recommended.
A willful nature is typical.
Will be difficult to find outside of Spain.